Remedy Rook

I grew up a wildling in rural Michigan - moving often, but always living within five minutes of Lake Michigan. Needless to say, the unique biome I grew up in blessed me with deep respect and awe for the natural world. My imagination was wild and I spent all my time outside, hunting for snakes, identifying plants, and looking for imaginary beasts. Gradually, I began to be obsessed with the fantastical worlds held within comic books. I started emulating comic art and trying to reproduce comic book covers and favorite action panels when I was a kid. I moved on to photographs of animals and people from National Geographic magazine. I became obsessed with merging my love for natural and imaginary worlds and interpreting them through visual medium.

I double majored in art and environmental biology at St. Thomas Aquinas College in Grand Rapids, MI, but didn't agree with the strict religious policies of the school and their stance on women's rights, so I left. I continued to study both art and environmental biology at Lake Michigan Community College in Benton Harbor, MI.

I eventually went to art school at PNCA in Portland, Oregon, where I studied painting and drawing, but was robbed of my BFA by my student loan company rejecting funding for my thesis year. This turn of events led to my exodus from Portland and my epic bicycle adventure of over 1,100 miles through Oregon, Washington, and Northern California. Ask me about it sometime.

I landed in The Twin Cities the year of the RNC. I fell in love. I ultimately stayed after some minor traveling with a sideshow company I co-founded. I bought a printing press and started making linocuts. I ended up working counter at The Ink Lab, where I was grateful every day to be in a space that was utterly devoted to art. I worked hard to make everything better. After a couple years of hard work and the right circumstances coming together, I ended up as David Dettloff's tattoo apprentice. I am now working as a fully licensed tattoo artist at The Ink Lab in uptown Minneapolis.

And that's where I am today: working hard to be a decent artist. And I am grateful every day that this is my life.